A bird’s advice

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I listened to a bird today

B‘cause he had a lot to say

I tried to translate, what he said

His wings were colored green to red

He was good looking as a bird

But now I’ll tell you, what I heard:

It makes me sick, it makes me sad, he said:

And isn’t this insane?

Just listen! Tell me, what you hear…

Nothing but noise in the bio phonic atmosphere

Noise of traffic in the streets, an ambulance

And now a train…

What hell of noise

I’m getting sick. This is insane.

Look at the sky: Another plane…

A mixer and a vacuum cleaner
a smartphone bell, a coffee creamer

A mowing machine, which is meaner

It makes me sick, it makes me sad,
It really raves me, raves me mad…

And in the night, there are no stars

The only light, it comes from cars

Allover light and noise pollution

There is no choice and no solution

I close my eyes to visualize

The nature sound of ancient time

In bio phonic atmospheres

But nobody can close his ears

But nobody can close his ears

Just listen, what I have to say

Just wait, don’t go, don’t go away

Is there a way to kill the noise?

Yes there is, we have a choice

Try to compete the daily noise

As I will do it till I die

Singing with my little voice

Singing day by day

Singing all day long

This is just a bird’s advice
there is a way
to kill the noise

Just listen to my song

biophonyFotoquelle und Inspiration: http://www.ted.com/talks/bernie_krause_the_voice_of_the_natural_world

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  • spinechillers
    Posted at 21:35h, 28 April Antworten

    This is so beautiful. I love the sound, the narration and the words.

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